How Do Amazon Photos Work? Important Prime Tips in 2023

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How do Amazon Photos work? Are there better alternatives? We’ll discuss that shortly.

Gone are the days of the physical photo album. The digital age has given us countless options for storing and sharing our cherished memories, and Amazon Photos is one of the most popular cloud-based solutions on the market.

Whether you’re an avid photographer or simply someone who wants to keep their memories safely stored and easy to access, Amazon Photos is worth exploring. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about how Amazon Photos work.

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What is Amazon Photos? 

Amazon Photos is a cloud storage service that allows users to store, organize and share their digital photos and videos. The service offers users unlimited storage for photos as well as 5GB of video storage for Amazon Prime members and 100GB of photos for non-Prime members.

Amazon Photos can be accessed via the web, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and even through some Amazon devices like Fire TV.

How Do Amazon Photos Work?

Amazon Photos syncs your digital photos and videos from your devices to the cloud. The service uses Amazon’s secure servers to store your files, which can then be accessed from any device with an internet connection. 

In other words, you can take a photo on your phone and have it automatically backed up to your Amazon Photos account, which can then be accessed from your computer, tablet, or even TV.

Steps to Set Up an Amazon Photos Account

Setting up an Amazon Photos account is straightforward. If you already have an Amazon account, you can use the same login credentials to sign in to Amazon Photos.

Once logged in, you can start uploading your photos and videos to the cloud.

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free trial to access the service’s additional video storage options.

Benefits of Using Amazon Photos

One of the most significant benefits of using Amazon Photos is the unlimited photo storage offered to Prime members. This means you can store all your digital photos in one place without worrying about running out of space.

Additionally, Amazon Photos offers robust organization tools that make it easy to sort your files into albums, tags, and folders.

Finally, Amazon Photos also allows you to share your photos and albums with others, making it easy to collaborate on photo projects or share your memories with friends and family.

How to Back Up Your Photos to the Cloud with Amazon Photos

Backing up your photos to Amazon Photos is simple and can be done automatically through the service’s mobile app.

To set up automatic backup, open the app and go to settings. Under “Auto-Save,” you can select which photos and videos to back up to the cloud automatically and how often to do so.

You can also choose to upload photos and videos only while connected to Wi-Fi, which can help save on data usage.

Tips for Organizing Your Photos on Amazon Photos

To keep your digital photos and videos organized on Amazon Photos, it’s a good idea to use the service’s organization tools. You can create albums, add tags, and sort your files into folders based on date, event, or location.

Additionally, you can use Amazon Photos’ search function to quickly find specific photos or videos based on keywords, making it easy to revisit your most cherished memories with just a few clicks.

How to Share Albums or Individual Pictures with Others on Amazon Photos

Sharing your photos and albums with others on Amazon Photos is quick and easy.

To share an album, select the album and click “Share.” You can then share the album via email, social media, or even generate a shareable link.

To share individual photos, select the photo and click “Share.” You can then share the photo via email or generate a shareable link.

Better Alternatives to Amazon Photos

While Amazon Photos is a popular cloud storage solution, other options are available.

Popular alternatives include Dropbox, pCloud, and Sync, and these services offer similar photo storage and sharing options, as well as additional features like file syncing and collaboration tools.

When selecting a cloud storage service, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and determine which solution best fits your lifestyle.


Amazon Photos is a robust cloud storage service that offers unlimited photo storage, organization tools, and easy sharing options.

With Amazon Photos, you can rest assured knowing your digital memories are safe and accessible from any device with an internet connection.

By following these tips and utilizing the service’s organization tools, you can make the most of your Amazon Photos account and keep your cherished memories easily accessible for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Amazon Photos sync work?

Amazon Photos is a cloud-based storage and photo-sharing service from Amazon. It allows users to store, organize, and share photos with family and friends. The service also offers an auto-sync feature that automatically uploads photos taken on your phone or camera to the cloud.

The auto-sync feature works by creating a folder linked to your Amazon Photos account on your device. Whenever you take a photo or video, it will be automatically uploaded to the cloud so that it can be accessed from any device connected to your account. You can also choose which folders you want to sync with Amazon Photos, allowing you to keep specific photos private while still having access to them in the cloud.

In addition, Amazon Photos also offers backup services for your photos and videos. This means that if something happens to your device or you accidentally delete a file, you can quickly restore it from the cloud.

Overall, Amazon Photos provides an easy way for users to store and share their photos without worrying about losing them due to hardware failure or accidental deletion. Its auto-sync feature and backup services make managing digital memories much more accessible.

How does Amazon Photos family vault work?

Amazon Photos Family Vault is a feature of Amazon Prime that allows family members to store and share their favorite photos safely. With the Family Vault, you can easily add photos from your computer, phone, or tablet and share them with other family members.

Once you have added photos to the Family Vault, you can invite other family members to join and view the photos. They can access the photos from any device with an internet connection. The Family Vault also has secure storage, automatic backup, and easy sharing options.

To start with Amazon Photos Family Vault, open the app or website and click Settings in the screen’s top-right or bottom-right corner. From there, select Family Vault and click Invite to invite other family members to join. Once they have accepted your invitation, they can view your shared photos.

Amazon Photos Family Vault is an excellent way for families to stay connected by sharing their favorite memories. With its secure storage and easy sharing options, it’s an ideal way for families to keep their memories safe while staying connected no matter how far apart they may be.

How do Amazon Photos Prints work?

Amazon Photos Prints is an easy and convenient way to print your favorite photos. With Amazon Photos Prints, you can choose from various sizes and paper types to create the perfect prints for any occasion.

To get started, go to and sign in using your Amazon account. Once logged in, you can select the size and paper type you want to print, then choose your photos from your Amazon Photos collection. You can also change the number of prints in one order or add special effects like borders or text to make your prints extra special.

Once selected, you can place your order and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. And with Prime members getting free unlimited photo storage with their membership, it’s always been challenging to keep all of your favorite memories safe and sound while still being able to enjoy them in physical form with Amazon Photos Prints.

Can everyone see your photos on Amazon Photos?

Amazon Photos is a secure online storage service for Prime members. It allows you to store, print, and share full-resolution photos with friends and family. The photos are only visible to those who have been granted access by the account owner. You can choose who has access to your photos and albums, so you can be sure that only those you want to see your pictures will be able to view them.

How do Amazon Photos work with iPhones?

Using Amazon Photos with an iPhone is easy and convenient. With the free Amazon Photos app, you can safely store all your full-resolution photos on Amazon Photos and use them to back up, share, and organize all your photos. You can also upload photos and videos from your iPhone using the iOS app.

To do this, open the Amazon Photos app, log in using the email and password associated with your Amazon Prime account, then select Upload Photos and Videos from the More menu. Once you’ve selected the photos or videos you want to upload, they’ll be added to your library.

Using the app, you can also download photos from Amazon Photos onto your iPhone or iPad. To do this, open the app and select Download from the More menu. Then choose which photos or videos you want to download, and they’ll be saved to your device’s camera roll.

Finally, suppose you’re looking for a significant overhaul of how you manage your photos on an iPhone or iPad. In that case, Amazon Photos has recently received a significant redesign on its iOS app that brings smoother navigation and puts all options within “a thumb’s reach” for easy access.

Using Amazon Photos with an iPhone is a great way to ensure all of your memories are stored safely in one place while still being able to access them easily whenever you need them.