Where are Nikon Cameras Made? You’ll Be Surprised

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If you are a budding photographer, then you must have heard of Nikon Cameras. Nikon is a well-known brand, popular among photographers for its quality and durability.

However, do you ever wonder where Nikon cameras are made?

In this blog post, we will explore the history of Nikon, where the factories are located, and whether Nikon cameras are made in China.

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History of Nikon

Nikon is a Japanese multinational corporation founded in 1917. Initially, it was established as Japan Optical Industries Co. Ltd, which later became Nikon Corporation in 1988.

Since then, Nikon has been producing cameras and lenses for over a century. Thus, Nikon is a trusted brand for professional photographers as well as casual users. 

Where are Nikon Cameras Made?

Where are Nikon cameras made?

Nikon Cameras are manufactured in various countries worldwide such as Japan, Thailand, and China.

The production of every model varies. However, Japan has been the primary manufacturing hub for Nikon Cameras. Initially, in the 1950s, the production of Nikon Cameras started in Tokyo.

Later on, with the increase in demand, Nikon set up another factory in Saitama. 

Are Nikon Cameras Made in China?

Yes, Nikon Cameras are currently being manufactured in China with cooperation with Chinese manufacturers. However, this doesn’t mean that the quality of their products has fallen.

The cameras are still of the utmost quality, meeting international standards.

Where are the Nikon Factories?

As mentioned before, Nikon has factories in various countries. The primary locations are in Japan, Thailand, and China. Tokyo and Saitama factories in Japan are major manufacturing hubs.

The Ayuthaya Plant in Thailand is in operation since 1990, producing affordable Nikon cameras. Finally, in China, Nikon has factories in Wuxi and Dongguan.

Where are Nikon Lenses Made?

Like Nikon cameras, lenses too are manufactured worldwide — Japan, Thailand, and China. Nikon manufactures most of the high-end lenses in Japan.

However, entry-level and mid-range lenses are made in their Thailand and Hong Kong factories. As for the Chinese factories, they mostly manufacture lens adapters.

Which Nikon Cameras are Made in Japan?

Most of the high-end Nikon cameras are made in Japan. The D850, D500, and D5 are all made in Japan in modern facilities that provide better production efficiency and quality checks.

Nikon is famous for their excellent Japanese craftsmanship and they maintain it within their Japanese manufacturing facilities. 


Nikon has established its brand as one of the most dependable and quality producers of cameras. Even with a diverse manufacturing base, the quality of their products, particularly the cameras and lenses, are not compromised.

This diversification only helps to improve quality control and ensure that all cameras are delivered in the best quality.

Hence, no matter the country of origin, Nikon users can rely on the brand for its products’ high standards.